About Us

Real, genuine brands

Around here we only sell genuine Syndol. No generics, no Chinese or Indian lookalikes. this is the real deal, or your money back!

Who we are:

We are an international company aimed at serving the UK, Europe, USA and a few other countries. We source and ship from different locations around the world but always deliver, in unmarked padded envelopes, by recorded Royal Mail (cost included). You can typically expect your delivery within 10 to 21 days. We DO NOT sell or ship to South Africa, New Zealand or Australia.

Who may order:

According to UK and European laws, you are allowed to import any medicine of your choice, without a prescription on two conditions: It must be for your own use (and not for resale) and it must be in reasonably small quantities. Accordingly, we will NOT insist on a Doctor's prescription but we will ask you to confirm that you have consulted with a Doctor or medical expert and obtained good advice and a prescription and that you will be using your medicine entirely at your own risk.